Windows and Mac Compatible!

Windows and Mac Compatible!

Pure Matrix Practice Management Software (PMS) is a comprehensive software solution that unifies traditional appointment scheduling, clinical note taking, day to day operations and back office processing in one single package. Our vision is to continue to create a simple and easy to use interface, secure processes, flexible format and powerful backend leaving you the time to work on what matters most – your clients.


  • *** ONLINE APPOINTMENTS – Clients can make their own appointments via the Web
  • Functional Flexibility & Customisations for all Allied Health Professionals
  • Flexible format & visualisation
  • *** Electronic Medical Records  – Secure Notes for all Allied Health or Secure Customised Notes for the Chiropractor or Osteopath
  • Document Management System
  • Reminder systems for the Client & the Practitioner
  • Back Office processes, including End of Day, Demographics, Transactional Summary, Scheduling and more.
  • User Access Control at all menu levels
  • Safe Client/Server solution. Data is safe and secure on site rather than the “Cloud”.
    Why have your client’s data at risk when stored in a Foreign Country or have it vulnerable to Identity Theft or Fraud?
  • Windows based but can run on MAC notebooks using Fusion or Similar technology.

Why Client/Server:

With a properly managed and streamlined solution a Client/Server solution is safe, secure and extremely manageable with the right tools and procedures.

Pure Matrix offers an easy to use, safe, secure, rich product and tools to ensure that your return on investment is justified and money is not wasted.