Can PureMatrix be networked ?
Yes. Purematrix can be networked using TCPIP and using our configuration utility.

How can I make PureMatrix secure so that my staff cannot access certain menus ?
Purematrix is very granular when setting up operator security. First you create a group and assign the group the access level needed. Then you create an operator and assign it the relevelt group. Each group can have different access levels.

I have an old Windows 2000 PC. Can I still run PureMatrix ?
Purematrix is designed to run on the latest Microsoft Technology, such as XP and Vista. The good news is that our installation will install any missing software for Windows 2000 making it prossible to run the software normally.

Can I use PureMatrix in the Office and at Home?
Yes. If your main place of work is not at home and you only use home for running reports and checking clients then we can give you a license. If you are using Purematrix to see clients then you will require a second license, although at a reduced fee.

How often should I backup the PureMatrix database?
At least once a day. Normally at the end of the shift or the end of the day is sufficient. You can backup you database to CD, USB, to another PC or by using online backup systems.

Is Maintenance important ?
Maintenance is essentially your insurance policy. Maintenance protects you against all things including Microsoft Operating System updates, service releases and improvements to PureMatrix (features, reports, functionality, etc).