Chiro Notes is a subscription module and is governed by a license key. Although the module is incorporated into the base product it cannot be accessed unless the module is purchased.

Chiro Notes comes in 2 varieties; S.O.A.P. and the Chief Complaint Template.

Documenting any patient notes by hand consumes a tremendous amount of the provider’s time. Pure Matrix empowers the provider to document a patient’s visit quickly and effectively by using our powerful and programmable Smart Pad technology.

The Smart Pad has limitless menu’s and buttons to perform tasks such as populating text, ticking check boxes, position the cursor to the next field, jumping to another menu, etc. Best of all there is no programming required as it’s configured via the GUI. The Smart Pad can be used with a touch screen, or by using a mouse. Alternately free form text can be used to populate the text fields. We also provide you a sample Smart Pad to get you up and running immediately.

S.O.A.P. Screen.

Consisting of 7 areas to enter patient data, the S.O.A.P. screen is simple to use. The Subjective area describes the patient’s current state in relation to their diagnosis and past sessions. The Objective area records the progress on the patient’s goals. The Assessment area can contain a summary of the session with regards to the subject’s diagnosis and how they addressed their goals. The Treatment area records what method was used to treat the patient. The Plan area is used to plot a course for the next therapy session. The MISC and Exercise areas can be used at you discretion as they are not part of the S.O.A.P. methodology.

Saving the record will ensure your signature and a write once, read many (WORM) methodology.

Chief Complaint Template.

Consisting of 4 main screens, the Chief Complaint Template provides a more granular look into the patient’s problem. The first three screens labeled Complaint, Physical Exam and Comment provide a general overview of the patient’s problem and the provider’s initial findings. These screens are typically saved as the “Chief Complaint”. The last screen is the Evaluation Page and is always linked to a Chief Complaint. Therefore it is very common to have many evaluation records saved under the single main complaint.

Example as displayed in Pure Matrix

Complaint Screen

The Complaint screen covers the following text fields with regards to the Chief Complain. They are: How, When, Where Pain Quality, Agg/Rel, Radiations, Previous RX, Previous X-Rays, Previous Illness/Trauma and Medication. The Y/N fields are Transient Ischaemic Attacks, Hypertension, Trauma to neck, Anticongulants.

Physical Exam Screen

The Physical Exam screen full of valuable information and many fields. The sections covered are: Postural Examination, Vital Signs, Cervical Motor Range 1 & 2, Spinal Percussion, Reflexes, Dermatomes, Cranial Nerve Analysis, Lumbar Motion Range, Orthopaedic Test and Palpatory Fingings.

Comment Screen

The Comment screen full is used to visualize and mark area’s affected by the patient’s pain.
Dots, Circles, Lines, Rectangles can all be drawn using any color choice and thickness. A Comments area can also be used to describe the areas effected.

Evaluation Screen

The Evaluation screen primarily has 4 fields; Date, Special, Evaluation and Recommendation. This screen also displays historical evaluations in date order. (See below – sample data only).

Smart Pad

The Smart Pad can be used on all Chiro Notes screen, with limitless menu structures and the ability to code any text behind any button.

The Smart Pad is setup according to your needs. Setup is made simple by following our easy to use configuration guide.

Sample Evaluation Smart Pad.